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EV I Inkjet Coder Software Options

The inkjet coder software options listed below can be added to your CleanCode EV 1 to provide additional functions which are not included with the standard unit. The software can be supplied ready installed with your new inkjet coder or on Data Flash cards for loading in to existing printers.
CleanCode EV II inkjet coders are supplied with all of these functions as standard.

Special Software Package No. 1
This package includes three features for the EV1 inkjet coder;
Message Storage: Allows the user to store up to 50 messages in the hand-held controller. The stored messages include the text and the operating parameters such as the line speed and print registration.
Automatic Message Repeat: Designed for those applications where a continously repeating message is required. The distance between message repeats can be programmed through the controller to give varying distances up to 500mm.
Password Protection: This feature gives the supervisor the ability to store a password into the controller to prevent unauthorised tampering of the message and the operating parameters of the system.
Special Software Package No. 1.5
This package includes two features for the EV1 inkjet coder:
Expanded Message Storage:
Increases the message storage capability to 99 system wide.
Expanded Message Length:
Expands the maximum message length to one line of 48 characters at 6.5 to 12.5mm high or two lines of 48 characters at 5.5mm or smaller.
Special Software Package No. 2
This package includes four features for the EV1 inkjet coder:
Variable Time Formats:
Military style time numbering in hours and minutes (14:45) can be entered into the message for precise production tracking. Time can be inkjet printed as hours and minutes, hours only or minutes only. Delimiters (: / .) are selectable.
Variable Date Formats:
Can be inkjet printed in numerical (25/05/09) or alphabetical (25 May 2009) format and Julian Date format. The messages can be arranged to print Day/Month/Year or Month/ Day/Year. The ability to inkjet print only the month and year and other combinatons are totally programmable. Delimiters (: / .) are selectable.
Sequential Numbering:
A user defined consecutive numbering counter is added with this option. Numbering can start at zero or any other number required and can be up to nine digits long. Example 0000 (start), 9999 (end) and resets to 0000.
Special Software Packages 1 and 1.5:
As added value, Special Software Package No. 2 also includes all of the features that are contained within packages 1 and 1.5.
Special Software Package No. 3
This package includes four features for the EV1 inkjet coder:
Shift Coding Capability:
Allows the user to break up the day into 6 or less individual shifts and will inkjet print either a single number or letter to identify each shift.
Date Offset:
Designed for the automatic rollover of expiry dates. The user can program in values up to 999 days and the printer will automatically advance the date by that value.
Product Counter:
The ability to count the number of products printed within a programmed time period.
Special Software Packages 1, 1.5 and 2.
As added value, Special Software Package No. 3 also includes all of the features that are contained within packages 1, 1.5 and 2.

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