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Open Date Products

As well as supplying the CleanCode Inkjet coder range Open Date also manufactures a range of Hot Foil printers and Thermal Transfer printers for date coding, batch marking and overprinting on to labels, flexible packaging and other materials. These printers and coders are usually fitted to packaging and labelling machinery so that the packaging material is coded immediately prior to being applied to the product. In addition to these on-line printers Open Date also supplies a range of off-line systems for coding cartons and other semi-rigid materials, desk top barcode printers, coding tape, thermal ribbon. number stamps and printing dies.

Sprint Hot Foil Printer image

The Sprint Series are easy to use, automatic Hot Foil overprinters. They are cost effective yet manufactured to very high standards. Three models are available with maximum print sizes of; 60 x 25mm, 100 x 50mm and 100 x 100mm.

Eurocode Hot Foil Coder

Eurocodes are small, lightweight, user friendly Hot Foil Coding attachments. They can be used for overprinting text (batch & lot code information, expiry and use by dates, price marking, etc.) as well as simple graphics at speeds of up to 700 cycles per minute.

Printmaster Hot Stamp Printer

Printmaster range of Hot Foil coders have a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability whilst the print speed potential is unrivalled. The Printmaster 'S' can produce an overprint in less than 50 milliseconds giving attainable operating speeds on excess of 1200 prints per minute, making it the fastest on-line contact coder on the market today.

5000 Series Hot Foil Printers

Open Date 5000 Series automatic hot foil overprinters are high quality heavy duty machines. They can providing a large area on-line printing facility for logos graphics, dates, barcodes etc.

Thermocode 2 Thermal Transfer Coder (TTO)

The Thermocode Series 2 range of on-line Thermal Transfer printers encompasses ten models. Offering print areas from 53 x 53mm to 107 x 160mm.

Thermocode 53E Thermal Transfer Coder (TTO)

The Thermocode 53E is an ideal entry level thermal transfer coder. It is user friendly, with on-board printer diagnostics and needs no mechanical adjustments for print quality. It is ideally suited to regular date, price and batch code changes, real-time coding, barcoding and graphics.

MC100 Hand Feed Carton Coder

The MC100 is a semi-automatic, hand fed overprinting station suitable for a wide range of flat, flexible packaging materials including paper labels, cards, sleeves, cartons, crash lock cartons and skillets.

MC750 Automatic Carton Coder

Open Date supply a range of automatic feeding systems suitable for a wide range of flat items including paper labels, cards, sleeves, cartons, crash lock cartons and skillets. Any of our range of ink jet, hot foil, thermal or debossing coders can be added to these to provide an extremely versatile, off-line, stack to stack overprinting facility.

Multi-Lane Hot Foil Coding System

Open Date produces both Hot Foil and Thermal Transfer multi lane printing systems for printing over a large area or for situations where multiple prints are required across a web e.g. thermopack and stick pack machines.

Type Characters, Number Stamps, Date Stamps, Cliches, Dies

Open Date can supply a wide range of printing Type, number stamps, date stamps and letter stamps (some from stock) for use with both our own and other Hot Foil printers. Additionally we offer printing/sealing plates for many types of packaging machinery.

Hot Foil & Thermal Ribbon

Open Date stock a wide range of coding foil, thermal ribbon, labels and compatible thermal printheads to suit all makes of printers. Click above to visit our Foils and Ribbons Direct web Site.

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