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CleanCode EV Series Inkjet Coders

Industrial Inkjet on Egg Carton Machine

EV2 Inkjet Coder on Bracket

The inkjet coder range from Open Date includes two models, the CleanCode EV I and the CleanCode EV II both of which can be supplied as on-line or hand held inkjet coding systems.
Complete Systems
Open Date CleanCode inkjet coders are ready to install straight out of the box. The systems include mounting bracketry, a hand held controller with WYSIWYG display and tactile keypad for message entry and the inkjet printhead module with internal product sensor.
Inkjet Technology by Hewlett Packard
CleanCode EV series inkjet coders are powered with inkjet technology from Hewlett Packard. This combination gives the benefits of an affordable, compact, clean and efficient design coupled wth the reliability of printhead technology by Hewlett Packard.
Optimum Print Resolution
CleanCode inkjet coders deliver bold, highly legible and fully formed characters in a print resolution of 300 dpi at production line speeds of up to 61 metres per minute.

Hand-Held Inkjet Printer graphic

Variable Character Heights
Inkjet up to four lines of text in one message (model dependant). Selecting the character size is acheived via the font key on the hand held controller.
Font Styles
Open Date CleanCode inkjet coders are supplied with a pre-loaded font style. Optional alternative fonts are available and can be downloaded to the inkjet printhead modules via flash card media.
The ability to inkjet print up to three logos in the one line mode or the two line mode is a standard feature on all CleanCode inkjet coders. The logo is simply a bitmap file and can contain anything from multiple lines of text to intricate graphics or barcodes.
Add-On Printheads
Adding an inkjet printhead is simply a case of sliding it on to the the primary head. Each inkjet coding head is manufactured with a dovetail slot on one side and a matching dovetail slide on the other. You can have up to three additional inkjet coders on a single mounting bracket giving the possibility of an overall print height in excess of 50mm.
Printhead modules are linked together by small RS485 data cables allowing the hand held controller to network them together.
Networking Capabilities
The hand-held controller is capable of controlling up to 32 individual inkjet coder modules through the use of RS 485 data cables. Networked printheads can be located on the same production line or adjacent ones. Each printhead module will have a discreet address which is used to identify them for message entry functions.
Complete PC control of a CleanCode EV inkjet coder network through the EV-Net software package is available as an option.

Ink Cartridge for Inkjet Coder image

Ink Supply
The ink is stored in a 42 cc cartridge which is easily loaded in to the inkjet coder. Once the cartridge is empty it can be removed and a new one loaded in double quick time.
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