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CleanCode EV I Inkjet Coder

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The basic inkjet coder in the CleanCode series is the EV 1. It has been designed to be completely expandable yet is priced to be competitive with the lowest cost coders being used in production today.
Variable Character Heights
Inkjet code a one line message in 12.5mm characters or two lines of text with 5.5mm high characters. Selecting the character size is easliy done through the font key on the hand held controller.
The standard message length with the EV 1 inkjet coder is one line of 24 characters 12.5mm in height or 48 characters of 5.5mm high in two lines of 24.
Upgrade Options
Optional EV I Software Options take CleanCode EV 1 inkjet coders from a simple system to one that rivals much higher priced high resolution coders meant for secondary carton coding, as well as a viable alternative to small character DOD, Continuous Ink Jet and laser printers.
A series of four optional software packages have been developed for EV 1 inkjet coders. These packages give users the flexibility to add only what features they require for their particular applications. The software is supplied on Data Flash Cards and can be easily installed in the field. They can each operate independantly or as a group making the EV 1 a fully featured system.

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