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Inkjet Coder Hardware Options

CleanCode inkjet coder networks can be installed and integrated onto production lines or expaned with the aid of the additional items listed below.

Inkjet Coder on Bracket
Add-On Inkjet Printhead Module with Mounting Bracket
An additional inkjet coder which can be mounted independently of the primary printhead either on the same production line or on another, linked to the primary inkjet printhead using an RS485 communication cable (not supplied) and controlled via either a single controller or via the PC based EV-Net software.
Add on Inkjet Coding Head
Add-On Inkjet Printhead Module
An additional inkjet coder head which can be attached directly to the primary head by sliding them together. Each inkjet head is manufactured with a dovetail slot on one side and a matching dovetail slide on the other. You can have up to three additional inkjet printheads on a single mounting bracket giving the possibility of an overall print height in excess of 50mm.
CleanCode inkjet coder modules are linked together by 150mm long RS485 data cables (included) allowing the hand held controller to network them together.

Encoder for Inkjet Coding System

External Encoder
Graphics and barcodes require production line speeds that do not vary. If they do then the graphic will be either condensed or elongated depending on how the speed changes. To prevent this the external encoder tracks the varying speed of the line and provides accurate timing pulses to the inkjet coding module to give a perfect print every time.
The encoder can be plugged directly into the inkjet coder's output socket.

External Sensor for EV Inkjet Coding System

External Product Sensor
If the application is inkjet coding directly onto a web or if graphics on the substrate prevent the printer's built-in sensor from reading properly, the external product sensor can be positioned to overcome these difficulties.
The external product sensor can be plugged directly into the inkjet coder's output socket.
The sensor is supplied with an adjustable mounting bracket (not shown).

Junction Box for Inkjet Coding System

Junction Box for External Devices
A junction box with 150mm long cable that can be plugged directly into the inkjet coder's output socket to provide two sockets for external devices.
Inkjet Coder on Stand
Floor Mounted Pedestal Stand
An alternative to attaching the inkjet printer directly to the production line, the stand enables CleanCode inkjet coders to be positioned next to a conveyor and freely moved to wherever required.

Top Coding Adaptor for Inkjet Coder

Top Coding Mounting Adaptor
As standard, the CleanCode inkjet coder mounting bracket dictates that if mounted to a vertical surface the printer can only inkjet print on a vertical surface. The top coding mounting adaptor can be added to the standard CleanCode mounting bracket to move the inkjet printer through 90 degrees so that when mounted on to a vertical surface it will inkjet print on to a horizontal surface. 

Beacon for Inkjet Coding Head

Low Ink Beacon
Can be plugged directly into the inkjet coder's output socket to provide a visual indication that the ink is running low.

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